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Seemingly taking its cues from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, Ubisoft has clarified that it will categorize all of its first-party titles as Ubisoft Originals from now on.

Ubisoft has confirmed that all games developed by its internal studios will be branded as Ubisoft Originals, after gamers noticed the branding attached to the recently-unveiled standalone, free-to-play game The Division: Heartlands.

“Moving forward ‘The Ubisoft Original’ mention is attached to all of Ubisoft’s games created in-house by our talented developers,” a Ubisoft spokesperson revealed to Eurogamer in a statement.

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The branding is similar to what you’ll see on the likes of digital streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which both like to slap the ‘Original’ suffix to content made by their studios, or broadcast exclusively on their platforms.

Ubisoft’s wording suggests that the company may soon expand its remit and publish games developed by studios other than its own, then. We know EA has an Originals program that targets indie games… could Ubisoft be considering a similar move?

The Division: Heartlands – due to launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2021 or 2022 (with mobile coming later) – is being developed by Red Storm Entertainment, a studio initially set up by Tom Clancy, which has been part of the Ubisoft umbrella of studios since 2000.

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