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Who said nobody want BEMANI games ?
Maybe i am the minority here but i am a huge fan of BEMANI games from Konami.
I grew up by DDR for more than 20 years, have been playing with at least six different BEMANI games on arcade and consoles, of course i only adore kind of these games and will not thinking about other Konami games that majority users here talked about since i have no interest at all with those Konami games. And nothing wrong for me as minority here for wishing BEMANI games will get ported again on consoles someday.

I never like most modern Western songs (Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, LMFAO, etc) as their songs are really horrible for my taste but i really like Western songs from European artists (with genre Bubblegum, Euro Dance, Euro Trance, etc) such as Smile.dk, Captain Jack, Ace of Base, PAPAYA, 2 Unlimited, CARTOONS, JENNY ROM, etc and some English cover of Japanese songs sung by European artist such as Odoru Pompokolin by Captain Jack, Cat’s Eye (Ventura Mix) by E-ROTIC, PETIT LOVE by Smile.dk, etc. Those are superb Western songs for me. đź‘Ť

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